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Latest News

  • 16 Apr 2012 10:13 AM | Katie Jehenson (Administrator)
    Well + Good NYC article on the issues.
  • 04 Apr 2012 3:42 PM | Katie Jehenson (Administrator)
    HELP STOP THE PROPOSED TAX ON YOGA CLASSES! (which will effect the price of your local yoga class in a way that you will not like!)


  • 04 Apr 2012 3:40 PM | Katie Jehenson (Administrator)
    Is yoga fitness? Should it be taxed as so? Will practitioners have to pay for it? These are questions on New York studio owners’ minds lately. For years yoga has slid by without paying NY sales tax. That changed last April when the New York Department of Taxation and Finance ruled to include yoga studios in the category of businesses based around fitness rather than movement spaces (dance studios aren’t taxed). Read more...
  • 04 Apr 2012 3:38 PM | Katie Jehenson (Administrator)
    This past weekend, New York City’s Kula Yoga Project sent out a cry for yoga studio owners and instructors to get off their mats and fight the tax man. “Our broke ass state is trying to squeeze money out of an industry that they see growing in these rough economic times. Read more...
  • 24 Aug 2009 9:15 AM | Anonymous
    Here is the third action alert! The prior two alerts were successful — we got the Senate bill amended to protect yoga from State Education Department regulations, and we got the bill to be taken up on the calendar. Great work for us all!

    But there is still much more work to do to assure that the bills actual pass and are signed into law.

    What This Is

    Download a petition for your studio. Gather signatures from students and anyone who supports the cause. Begin doing this as soon as you like, print as many copies as you need, and hold onto the signed petitions. We will let you know when it is time to return them. The more signatures, the better!

    This action alert asks that you (1) make sure you know who represents you in the Senate and Assembly and (2) call the district office and make an appointment to discuss support for the bill that will protect yoga from government regulations.

    How to Prepare

    1. Find out who your Senator is:
      Go to At the top of the left column you will see a place to find your senator by filling in your address and zip code.
    2. Find out who your Assembly member is:
      Go to On the upper left you will see a place to submit your zip code. (Some zip codes cover more than one Assembly district; in that case, call 518-455-4218 to ask who your representative is.)
    3. Get the address and phone number of their DISTRICT office (not the Albany office)

    What to Do

    Call your Assembly member and Senator. Ask for a half hour appointment to meet with them — sometime during the first three weeks of September — in their district office.

    You will likely be asked the nature of your call. Your answer will be, “I am a constituent of [Senator ___ or Assembly member ___ ] and I would like to discuss a bill that will protect yoga from government regulations.”

    (Please understand that you might make the meeting with the elected official but end up meeting with one of his staff. That is fine — it happens!)

    Follow Up

    After you make the appointment, please e-mail and let us know 1) that you have an appointment, and 2) with which Senator and Assembly members.

    This is critically important because we want to cover as many Senators and Assembly members as possible, and we want to make sure you are comfortable with the talking points!

    More action alerts will follow! Our action really makes a difference.

    Is this your first time? Need help understanding what to do? Want to know more about the legislative process? Or do you have a great idea? Please feel free to contact Denise Kronstadt, Temporary Chair, PR/Lobby Committee, at 845-664-0200 or All questions are honored!
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